Picture this:

A world just like ours only slightly more bizarre.  
When Darel (with one r) and his lifelong friend Goo (cause Goon was taken) campaign for water conservation they dive deep into the deep-end, of the cause, and perhaps swallow more water than they can swallow. 

Now on an adventure to uncover who is taking control of the water supplies, in their megalopolis, they are introduced to many questionable characters and schemes. On the list of schemes is a plot so dastardly they must continue to explore their inner vigilante. Time will tell (because they time travel) if they are able thwart the evil infecting the local water system.


In all actuality, Monomania was originally a film idea, which was not possible to create and was converted into a comic. These are characters that have been developed over the last decade and a story that has been dying to be told. We really enjoy the story and believe you will too. Please join us on the journey of two moronic would be super heroes as they grow and develop… no, they get stupider. But hey, it’s a blast and you won’t regret it for long.  


-Monomania The Comic